Monika Murugesan has an executive MBA, a Master's in Computer Engineering, and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. She is an award-winning speaker, podcast guest, and keynote speaker.


Monika has been in product management and business globalization for over a decade. She teaches product management at universities. She has trained many individuals in the product management discipline and helped them grow into great product managers.


Over the past 18+ years, Monika participated in over 1000 interviews as a hiring manager and as a hiring panel member. A common trend in all interviews has been strong communication skills have always helped the candidate land the role.

She has coached many individuals on interviewing skills and communication skills to land in their dream roles and grow in their careers.

It is her passion to help individuals thrive in their careers.


Monika founded APEX to help individuals succeed. She will help you to

Analyze - Position - Expand (APEX) your capabilities to maximize your success.

 Learn about Monika's journey in this Ordinarily Extraordinary Podcast